Radio Interviews

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"Three Lost Things" Norma Bonds Norma Bonds discusses the three parables in Luke 15 which tell of three things being lost: one lost sheep, one lost coin, and the Prodigal Son. In each instance, the person that lost something rejoiced when the sheep, coin, or son was found. In the same way, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.
"Overeating" Terry Lanzer Terry Lanzer candidly speaks of her 125 pound weight loss journey. Terry came to the realization that overeating that led to her obesity was sin; yet, she wanted to please God. She discusses the tools that she has gained to help her eat and exercise properly. Most importantly, she devours God’s Word to remind her of God’s will and to conquer the sin of overeating.
"Walk Across America" Judy Peterson Judy Peterson reminisces about her lone walk across America from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Tales of how God provided for her physical and spiritual needs along the journey and how Satan was defeated at every turn.
"Christianity Pure and Simple - Interview 2" Patsy Oda

Patsy Oda discusses three chapters of her book “Christianity Pure and Simple.” 1. Differences Between Humans and Apes (God’s Original Purpose for Humans, How are Humans Like God? – Spirit, Soul, Body) Pure and Simple: God made you like Himself and for Himself; 2. The Passion of God’s Love (God’s Passionate Love for Humans, Only the Best for Humans, God’s Love Rejected, The Passion of God the Father, The Passion of Jesus Christ, Love’s Second Chance, Love’s Greatest Tragedies) Pure and Simple: God loves you with all His heart; 3. Sin and Death (The Origin of Sin, Sin’s Affect on Humans).

"Siberian Trip" Norma Bonds Norma Bonds shares highlights from her Siberian Trip. Many Siberian citizens heard the word of God for the first time during an eight day crusade held in a city of 1,000,000 people. God worked incredible miracles, the likes of which are referenced in the Bible (the blind made to see, the deaf made to hear, the dumb made to speak, the lame made to walk). Siberians desperately hungering for the word of God to the extent they fought over free Bibles. Norma’s translator and thousands of others came to salvation by the end of the crusade.
"My Very Own Book About Gardening" Gloria Jean Bodenmuller Gloria Jean Bodenmuller narrates from her illustrated children’s book “My Very Own Book About Gardening.” This book teaches children how to plant a garden, using simple terms and Bible scriptures.
"Spiritually Lost" Norma Bonds Norma Bonds explains the "Plan of Salvation" and shares how being physically lost is frustrating, being spiritually lost is deadly. Surrender your life to Jesus and learn God’s word to know God’s will. God can take the “junk” in your life and turn it into a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block.
"Break the Chains" Trinity Abila Trinity Abila with “Break the Chains” ministry sparks awareness of human trafficking in Canada, India, Colombia, and Oakland, California. Experts believe that as many as 300,000 girls, ages 3 and older, are sold as sex slaves in the United States. “Break the Chains” ministry helps provide restoration to drug dependent girls, with low self-esteem, afraid to return home to family.