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"Break the Chains" Trinity Abila Trinity Abila with “Break the Chains” ministry sparks awareness of human trafficking in Canada, India, Colombia, and Oakland, California. Experts believe that as many as 300,000 girls, ages 3 and older, are sold as sex slaves in the United States. “Break the Chains” ministry helps provide restoration to drug dependent girls, with low self-esteem, afraid to return home to family.
"Childhood Abuse, Interview 2" Dr. Durlynn Garten Dr. Durlynn Garten counsels clients that have been molested and stresses the importance of children telling of the molest immediately and receiving proper Christian counseling so they can lead a normal life. To keep the molest secret can result in promiscuity, frigidness in marriage, depression, eating disorders, poor relationships, and substance abuse in their adult life. It is important to disclose the perpetrator so that the chain of abuse is stopped, Christian Counseling causes the truth to bubble to the surface, and then recovery can begin.
"Childhood Abuse, Interview 3" Dr. Durlynn Garten Dr. Durlynn Garten discusses the importance of how the non-offending parent and those that love the child deal with the molestation of that child. Believe and show unconditional love for your child when they reveal the abuse, which is the most important component in the child overcoming the sexual abuse he or she has endured. If you love and support the child, their chances of recovery are greatly improved. However tentative belief or outright disbelief increases the child’s helplessness, hopelessness, isolation and self blame and the child may be damaged for a lifetime. The difficulties of life are to make us better, not bitter – very hard words for those who have been molested. As they begin to heal they can realize God’s presence and understand the importance of these words.
"Christianity Pure and Simple - Interview 2" Patsy Oda

Patsy Oda discusses three chapters of her book “Christianity Pure and Simple.” 1. Differences Between Humans and Apes (God’s Original Purpose for Humans, How are Humans Like God? – Spirit, Soul, Body) Pure and Simple: God made you like Himself and for Himself; 2. The Passion of God’s Love (God’s Passionate Love for Humans, Only the Best for Humans, God’s Love Rejected, The Passion of God the Father, The Passion of Jesus Christ, Love’s Second Chance, Love’s Greatest Tragedies) Pure and Simple: God loves you with all His heart; 3. Sin and Death (The Origin of Sin, Sin’s Affect on Humans).

"Christianity Pure and Simple - Interview 3" Patsy Oda Patsy Oda discusses three chapters of her book “Christianity Pure and Simple.” 1. Sin and Death (the Devil is real and is a Thief and Destroyer, Deceiver of Nations, Ruler of the Kingdom of Darkness, Angel of Light in Disguise, Murderer, Father of Lies) Everyone Sinned Against God and sin affects the Spirit, Soul, and Body. Pure and Simple: Sin is the choice to leave God out of life; 2. Who Jesus Is (God the Son, Creator and Sustainer of Everything, Crucified Son of God, Risen Savior, Judge, King and Lord of All, Only Mediator to God, Only Way to Heaven, Almighty God) Pure and Simple: Jesus is God ; 3. How to Be Born Again (Necessity of Spiritual Rebirth, Alive with Christ, A Prayer to be Born Again, Repent of Sins, Believe in Jesus, Receive a Miracle) Pure and Simple: You must be born again to go to heaven.
"Facing Trials" Mourlene Wright Mourlene Wright assists Norma Bonds with A Woman’s Special Touch Ministry. She is a living testament to the fact that a lifetime of Christian faith and service does not exempt you from facing trials. She speaks of coming to the personal saving knowledge of Christ in the second grade and strengthening her relationship with God through daily devotions, prayer, and music. This solid foundation has given her the ability to become a caretaker to her mother and husband at various times throughout the years. Mourlene claims Bible verse Philippians 4:13, I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

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"Melanoma" Carol Grieves

Carol discusses her bout with Melanoma and a breast lump. The night before surgery, filled with fear of death, panic for her family’s future, leads Carol to Deuteronomy 30:19 “I set before you today life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life... Listen to audio interview to hear Carol’s outcome.


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"Mission Trip" Dale Gordon Dale Gordon, on location from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, reminisces about mission trips to Slidell Louisiana, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and Altuna, Pennsylvania. Dale’s group demonstrated God’s love in action by making repairs to four homes and touching the hearts of the families and neighbors involved.

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"My Very Own Book About Gardening" Gloria Jean Bodenmuller Gloria Jean Bodenmuller narrates from her illustrated children’s book “My Very Own Book About Gardening.” This book teaches children how to plant a garden, using simple terms and Bible scriptures.
"Overeating" Terry Lanzer Terry Lanzer candidly speaks of her 125 pound weight loss journey. Terry came to the realization that overeating that led to her obesity was sin; yet, she wanted to please God. She discusses the tools that she has gained to help her eat and exercise properly. Most importantly, she devours God’s Word to remind her of God’s will and to conquer the sin of overeating.


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