"Christianity Pure and Simple - Interview 3"

Patsy Oda discusses three chapters of her book “Christianity Pure and Simple.” 1. Sin and Death (the Devil is real and is a Thief and Destroyer, Deceiver of Nations, Ruler of the Kingdom of Darkness, Angel of Light in Disguise, Murderer, Father of Lies) Everyone Sinned Against God and sin affects the Spirit, Soul, and Body. Pure and Simple: Sin is the choice to leave God out of life; 2. Who Jesus Is (God the Son, Creator and Sustainer of Everything, Crucified Son of God, Risen Savior, Judge, King and Lord of All, Only Mediator to God, Only Way to Heaven, Almighty God) Pure and Simple: Jesus is God ; 3. How to Be Born Again (Necessity of Spiritual Rebirth, Alive with Christ, A Prayer to be Born Again, Repent of Sins, Believe in Jesus, Receive a Miracle) Pure and Simple: You must be born again to go to heaven.
Patsy Oda
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