Newsletter, January 2014

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~~Dear Friends,


In 1984 a group of us started production on A Woman’s Special Touch, a television ministry.  In 1999 the radio ministry was launched.  Over the years I have heard wonderful, incredible stories of lives that have been changed by the love of Christ.  I have interviewed people across the nation from all walks of life.  There are over 600 radio programs in our archives. Our aim is to share the salvation message and encourage and strengthen believers.  Many of you who receive this newsletter live in areas where you cannot receive the radio program, so I would like to give you an idea of some of the topics we have covered. These programs, available on CD, may help you or someone you know.


In the course of an interview, I usually ask, “If someone is listening who does not know Jesus, what would you tell them?” which gives them the opportunity to share how to receive Christ as savior.


We have programs dealing with fraud, identity theft, and internet scams.  A number of women share their stories of widowhood, or of facing the loss of a child.  Some have lived a single life, or are single mothers, and others have experienced abusive relationships.  It is faith in Christ that has gotten them through these painful times and brought joy and healing in their lives.


People who had believed in mysticism or were involved in a cult have shared their stories.  One lady was stuck in a very controlling church which claimed to be Christian but demanded the people be in attendance seven days a week, late into the night, without regard for their young children.  They were required to give more than their tithe and their contact with others was limited.  If their families did not attend that particular church, they were to have nothing to do with them. 


Therese Thurston has a ministry helping others fight anorexia.  Over four interviews, she shares her own story of being hospitalized with anorexia, and of the death of several of her family members from the same disease.


Jean Braine shares the story of returning to her Christian roots after being convinced by college professors that Christianity was not real.  It is a very timely interview as we send our children to college or even grade school.


Anyone dealing with sexual abuse will benefit from the five interviews with Christian counselor Dr. Durlynn Garten.  Those who have experienced a divorce of their parents will be helped by the programs “Children of Divorce” or by Durlynn’s book “Hey, Mom and Dad Remember Me”.


We have personal stories from a number of ladies who have been healed from childhood sexual abuse - also testimonies about overcoming depression, drug addiction, dealing with cancer, being a caregiver and many more topics.

We carry wonderful teaching material.  One of our most popular books “Christianity Pure and Simple” written by Pasty Oda, contains 11 illustrations and is great for any age.  A complete reading of the book by Jess Bonds on a CD is also available, as are interviews with Patsy on topics from the book.  Patsy has written a number of booklets filled with scripture along with her own story of coming to Christ in “Heart’s Desire” – which is currently being made into a movie.


My book “The Shepherd and the Sheep” based on Psalm 23 is good for anyone going through difficult times.  It also includes summaries of six interviews that correspond to the chapters.


“Devotions on the Go” are great for traveling.  Each of the three 40-minute CD’s features 15 short devotions – some are funny, all are uplifting with a spiritual message.


Interviewing people and hearing the amazing things God has done in their lives is one of the most delightful things I have ever done – I love it!  The stories will bless you.  If you do not have opportunity to hear our program, please consider getting a CD from the ministry.  If you can send $5 to cover the cost of the CD, the shipping, and the packaging, we would appreciate it. Contact the ministry by letter, phone, through the internet at, or through our website.   You can click on “contact us” and let us know what programs you are interested in.  We want to be a help to you.



Praise and Prayer


Please keep this ministry in your prayers.


We appreciate any support you can give.  All contributions are tax deductible

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.


Have a wonderful New Year.


In His bonds,

Norma Bonds



  Christ Knocks at the Door


The pleasures of the world, money, security, material possessions can be dangerous,


Because their temporary satisfaction makes us

indifferent to God’s offer of lasting satisfaction.


If you find yourself feeling indifferent to church, to

God, or to the Bible you have begun to shut God

out of your life.


Leave the door of your heart constantly open to

God and you won’t need to worry about hearing

his knock.


Letting him in is your only hope of lasting



Jesus knocks at the door of our heart because he

wants to save us and have fellowship with us.


He is patent and persistent in trying to get through to us – not breaking and entering, but knocking.


He allows us to decide whether or not to open our life to him.


Do you intentionally keep his life changing presence and power on the other side of the door?


Leota Elizabeth Pledger


The radio program airs -  KCBC 770-AM at 5:45 a.m. Mon-Fri,  5p.m. on Sat, and varies a.m. Sun. in Calif. World Harvest Radio Sat. & Sun North America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, India, China, North & South Korea, Japan, Australia, The South Pacific.  Check the schedule at  WYYC 1250-AM 8:30 a.m. & 8 p.m. Mon-Fri. York, PA. WCPC 940-AM Mon-Fri. 7:30 a.m. Tupelo, MS. WLMR 1450-AM Mon-Fri 7:30 am. Chattanooga, TN. WITK 1550-AM Mon-Fri 6:45 am. Wilkes-Barre/Scanton, PA. KIOU 1480-AM Mon-Fri. 7:00 am. Shreveport, LA.  WBRI 1500-AM Mon-Fri. 8:45 am. Indianapolis, IN.  KXKS 1190-AM Mon-Fri. 8:30 pm. Albuquerque, N.M.

The TV program can be seen on WVCY-TV 30 Milwaukee.