Title Image Price Description
What's It All About? $10.00

Book written and illustrated by Norma Bonds.  Short stories from childhood to current ministry - laughter and tears, blessings and teaching.  Something for everyone. 88 pages

A Fast Trip From Genesis to Revelation $10.00 Includes 18 paintings and power point presentation.
The Shepherd and the Sheep $12.00

Based on Psalms 23 with stories from the radio program. Includes power point presentation.

Christianity Pure and Simple $10.00

This book covers the basic beliefs of Christianity, with colorful illustrations painted by Norma Bonds. (Also available in Japanese)

Read the PDF file here.

Read the Japanese PDF file here.

Heart's Desire $10.00

This is the autobiography of Patsy Oda. She is a Japanese American who became a Christian at age 8 and was raised in a Buddhist home. Her heart's desire was to one day marry a Japanese Christian man. See how God brought her a husband in a most unexpected way.