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A Woman's Special Touch is designed to share the Gospel with the non-Christian through personal testimonies and the Word of God. AWST interviews highlight Christian women who have found Jesus Christ to be the answer to the full range of life's challenges; women sharing how God has changed their lives and how others can have that same personal relationship with a loving Heavenly Father through faith in Jesus Christ.

A Woman's Special Touch has produced 30 minute television programs since 1984. They've aired nation wide on three satellite networks, ACTS, Familynet, and Dominion "Sky Angel," as well as five additional stations and is currently being seen on WVCY in Milwaukee. The programs are being subtitled and broadcast across Romania.



"Proclaiming The Light!"

Newsletter, October 2015

Dear Friends, Recently, one of my sons texted me because our grandson had told him I had my pilot’s license, and he wanted to know if that was true. I replied that before his father and I married, I had 19 hours of flying time towards my license and I liked flying around in the sky. That exchange made me realize why I have been excited about our conference coming up October 10th, On Wings of Eagles. There might still be room for you to come if you call immediately. The incident also brought to mind one of the entries in my book What’s It All About? Let’s Fly In The Night Sky
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Newsletter, March 2015


Dear Friends,
Recently, I prayed with a lady in Alabama who called the ministry office requesting programs that dealt with abuse. She had suffered verbal and physical abuse, had been sexually abused through incest, and she was living in poverty.  We sent her several testimonies from our program archives. Not only did I pray that God would surround her with His love and protection, but I also prayed that, through the power of Jesus, she would be able to forgive those who had abused her. 

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Sharing Your Faith


Norma interviewed Nancy Epperson at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Dallas, Texas. 

Nancy states that people are not negative in their responses when you share your life’s story and what God has done in your life. When you confront people with the Gospel it raises their hackles.  Remember that a message prepared in the mind reaches minds. A message prepared in the heart reaches hearts. Your life’s message is a powerful tool in presenting the Gospel. Nancy also gives advice on how to reach a spouse that is a non-Christian.

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The Joy Of The Lord Is Our Strength


Norma Bonds leads through powerful Bible scriptures that define “joy,” such as Matthew 2:10, Matthew 25:21, Luke 15:7, John 15:11, Romans 14:17, Galatians 5:22, and James 1:2.

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Heart's Desire By Patsy Oda

Patsy Oda's book Heart's Desire has been updated to promote an upcoming movie based on the true story of her life. To purchase the new book go to the last page in the "Store" and click on Heart's Desire.  You will receive the new book for $10 plus shipping. PLEASE CLICK ON "READ MORE" TO VIEW COVER


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